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  1. NAHJ Standard Voltage Transformer
  2. NAHJ Standard Voltage Transformer

NAHJ Standard Voltage Transformer

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  • Brand : NANAOELEC
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Rated voltage ratio: 110/√3 kV /100V(0.1));110/√3kV/100/√3V(0.05)

  1. Detailed information

Main Features

PT of 110/3 kV, 0.01 class which has high voltage class and high accuracy, this can be used to calibrate the PT 110kV/100V below class 0.05. It can calibrate PT from 20% to 120% of rated voltage. And can be burdened with 0.25VA secondary load when the secondary voltage is 100V.

Technical Data

1. Rated voltage ratio: 110/3 kV /100V0.1));110/3kV/100/3V0.05

2. Rated secondary capacity: 0-0.25VA  CosФ=1.0

3. Accuracy class: Class 0.05

4. Testing voltage: primary winding is 1.2 /1 min voltage withstand . Secondary winding is above earth and 2kV/1min power frequency withstand.

5. Rated frequency:50Hz

6. Maximum working voltage: 76.2kV

7. Inflatable, with SF6, single phase and semi insulating.