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  1. NAXZ Series Automatic Frequency Series Resonant
  2. NAXZ Series Automatic Frequency Series Resonant
  3. NAXZ Series Automatic Frequency Series Resonant
  4. NAXZ Series Automatic Frequency Series Resonant

NAXZ Series Automatic Frequency Series Resonant

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Frequency resonant equipment

  1. Detailed information

Product introduction

NAXZ series frequency series resonant is mainly designed for 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, substations and loop and all electrical main AC voltage test equipment design and manufacturing. Reactor uses more than just separate design, not only can meet the high-voltage, low-current device test conditions requirements, but also can meet the low voltage AC voltage testing requirements. It has a wide scope, is the ground, city, county high voltage test departments and electrical installation, repair and test engineering units ideal for pressure equipment.

Also name

Frequency resonant, frequency series resonant , series resonance, series resonant transformer, series resonant testing device, portable cable withstands testing device, series resonant system

The Characteristics of the products

1,Reduce the power capacity greatly. The series resonant power supply utilizing the resonant reactor and the sample capacitor resonant generate high voltage and high current. In the whole system , the power system only provide the part of the active consumption, therefore, the needed power is  1 / Q of the testing capacity.

2,Reducing the weight and volume greatly. In the series resonant power supply , not only to eliminate bulky power regulator, power instruments and other common frequency test transformer and resonant excitation power simply test the capacity of 1 / Q, making the system significantly reduces the weight and volume , usually common test instrument 1/10-1/30 .

3,To improve the output voltage waveform. Resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit , can improve the output voltage waveform distortion, get a good sine wave , effectively prevent the harmonic peak error for the test product breakdown .

4,To prevent large short-circuit current fault burns. In the series-resonant state, when the test insulation breakdown weaknesses , the circuit is immediately off the harmonic , the loop current is rapidly decreased to normal test current of 1 / Q. The parallel resonant transformer test or way of doing pressure test , the breakdown current immediately increased several times, both compared to short-circuit current and the breakdown current difference between the number of times. Therefore, the series resonance can effectively find insulation weaknesses, without the presence of large short-circuit current suffering burns the point of failure .

5,There will be no recovery over voltage. Sample breakdown occurs when the loss of resonance conditions , the high voltage is also disappear immediately , instantly extinguish the arc , and the recovery voltage re- building process is very long, it is easy to reach flash over voltage again before disconnecting the power , this voltage is restored process is an intermittent oscillation energy accumulation process , the process is long .

The parameters of the products

1 Variable frequency power source( 1piece ) :

1.1 Technical Parameters

1.1.1 Rated power :5.5-500kW;

1.1.2 Input voltage: three-phase 380V ± 5% or single-phase 220V ± 5% 45 ~ 65Hz, when the power supply is 380V, can test the rated load ; when the power supply is 220V, only can test  1/ 2 load.

1.1.3 Output voltage : 0 ~ 400V adjustable

1.1.4 Output voltage frequency : 20 ~ 300Hz

1.1.5 Frequency adjustment : 0.1Hz step adjustable

1.1.6 Frequency instability : ≤ 0.02%

1.1.7 Output Current : 13 ~ 1250A2. High Voltage Reactor

2.1 Technical Parameters

2.1.1 rated voltage :0-1000kV

2.1.2 Rated current :1-10A

2.1.3 Nominal inductance :30-600H

2.1.4 Continuous working time : 15min

2.1.5 Temperature rise : less than 60 degrees

2.1.6 Operating frequency : 20 ~ 300Hz 3. Excitation transformer ( a ) : 

3.1 Technical parameters

3.1.1 Rated Capacity :3.5-500kVA

3.1.2 Input voltage: 5.5-20kW capacity when input is 200V/400V, when the capacity is in the 20-500kW 400V input

4 capacitive divider ( a ) :

4.1 Technical Parameters

4.1.1 own capacity :300-5000pF

4.1.4 Rated voltage :10-1000kV

4.1.2 Operating frequency : 20 ~ 300Hz

4.1.3 Uncertainty : 1.0%