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    NAHY series rain environmental test chamber

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    Equipment Specifications:(1) Specifications:Sprinklers lattice consists of a frame composed of 2000 * 6000mm.Total of 260 nozzles. Spraying an effective area of about 2000 × 6000mm;can be customized b

    1. Detailed information

    Equipment Specifications:

    (1) Specifications:

    Sprinklers lattice consists of a frame composed of 2000 * 6000mm.

    Total of 260 nozzles. Spraying an effective area of about 2000 × 6000mm;

    can be customized by user to select actual requirements.

    (2) precipitation adjustable operating range 0.2 ~ 250mm.

    (3) pump motor: Power 5.5kW, voltage 380V, 3-phase AC. Down range can

    simulate rainfall stepless adjustment from 0.2 to achieve any water between

    250mm. Rain test cycle time can be arbitrarily set, test time. Environment

    simulator spray effective area of about 2000 × 6000mm, the nozzles fine

    workmanship, with acid and alkali salt corrosion function. Environmental

    simulation device before the water purification equipment device is configured,

    can achieve purification equipment, to avoid clogging the spray apparatus.

    Device Mainly Used:

    (1) Rain spray equipment suitable for high-speed rail EMU roof water and wet

    test. Trains, planes, automobiles, electrical equipment and outdoor products

    operation of the equipment; quality control oversight bodies identified

    measuring and testing, electrical equipment factories, railways and

    communications, aerospace and aerospace vehicles, military research

    institutes, universities and building and meteorological departments charged

    environment simulation assessment test.

    (2) spraying equipment to ensure the long rain 6m, continued even lower over

    a wide range of 2m rain droplets, raindrops small uniform.

    This device achieved rain conditions:

    When the device is working within the effective area must meet the

    following table (GB / T 16927.1-2007- general requirements for

    high-voltage test) requirements of all the rain. Capable of artificial

    rainfall, salt fog, snow, ice and other environmental conditions and

    natural disasters, the impact study under different environmental

    conditions for high-voltage operation of equipment, focused mainly rain

    and salt spray test environment.

    Artificial climate test chamber main technical parameters are as follows:


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    This spray equipment must meet the minimum distance H from the product

    installation is not less than 1.5 meters, and can be lowered to meet the

    requirements of the tender technical documents rainfall.

    This device structure and function:

    (1) Analog rain shower uses SUS316 # stainless steel production, fine

    workmanship, with acid and alkali salt corrosion function, inlaid ruby

    set within the nozzle, its continuous life of up to 5--10 years.

    (2) the nozzle structure unique design, so that the ejection

    discontinuous lines (like rain) horizontal distance of no less than six

    meters mist spray direction ± 30°horizontal angle adjustable electric

    control, frequency control and electromagnetic valve control combination,

    simulated rainfall between 0.2 ~ 250mm (fog, rain, moderate rain, heavy

    rain, heavy rain, torrential rain) from arbitrary stepless adjustment.

    According to the needs of the future of the device may also be upgrading,

    but also to simulate the contamination, dust, frost and snow and other

    natural disaster conditions.

    (3) Device Structure The water spray system means a combination of the

    following three part together.

    Nozzle lattice

    1): nozzle made of SUS316 # stainless steel, acid salt corrosion

    resistance is strong.

    2): Sprinklers and water pipes using dental wire connection, easy to

    remove, replace, easy cleaning and maintenance. High-fiber plastic pipes

    high pressure (high voltage: 35kV above) hose, wear compression

    3): Sprinklers Yang, overlooking the angle formed by the low-speed motor

    drive control, accurate angle.

    4): Sprinklers lattice frame of electrically controlled in both

    directions of rotation axes ± 90 degrees to achieve the level of the

    vertical jet spray rain rain needs.

    5): each row (10 nozzles) each controlled by an electric switch valve,

    a total of 26 electric switch valves.

    6): The spray wipers and the chassis between high voltage insulation


    Electrical control part

    Using high-quality contactors, solenoid valves and other electrical

    components and high-performance inverter and the motor, precise

    electrical control logic design; aesthetic and practical computer fully

    automatic monitoring and control console, operated freely, safe, reliable,

    unified console is placed in the control room.

    Water supply parts

    1): storage box with acid salt SUS316 # stainless steel materials,

    stainless steel cabinet thickness is 2mm. Together with the observed water

    level meter, which can effectively ensure the data collected spray. By

    the end of a drain tank easy to clean. According to the need to complete

    the appropriate size of the storage tanks.

    2): The flow rate 8m³ / h, head of 25 m small pump spray pressure and heat,

    and to adjust the frequency control, to ensure that simulate spray 0.2 ~

    250mm rainfall precise control.

    3): Water filtration apparatus part to be installed to facilitate

    maintenance (filters, etc.) and purification devices to ensure water is

    not blocked by debris or scale.

    Physical picture



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