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    NA553B Protection Relay Test Set

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    Product characteristics1.Flexible combination of voltage current outputNA553B series with 4-phase voltage and three-phase current output, that can carry out combinationof various types of output prote

    1. Detailed information

    Product characteristics

    1.Flexible combination of voltage current output

    NA553B series with 4-phase voltage and three-phase current output, that can carry out combination

    of various types of output protection testing easily. Each phase voltage can output to 120V,

    the trip-combination current can output to 120A, the fourth phase voltage Ux is the multifunction

    that can be set to four kinds 3U0 or synchronization voltage, or other certain

    voltage output.

    2.Easy stand-alone operation

    Device panel set a trackball mouse, optimized keyboard and large-screen TFT LCD, built-in a

    full set of English Windows platform operating software. Boot to use, easy to operate.

    3.Dual operation mode

    In addition to the stand-alone operation, the device can connect with laptop and desktop

    computer to operate. The two operation functions are exactly the same, and truly dual

    operation mode.

    4.New high-fidelity linear amplifier

    The output terminal always adopt modular linear amplifier with high-fidelity and high

    reliability, not use switching amplifier. Testing on site will not generate medium or high

    frequency interference, and guaranteed the smooth and precision waveform which from highcurrent

    to small-current.


    5.High-performance of host

    The output part adopt DSP control, high speed of calculation, powerful real-time digital

    signal processing capability, widely transmission frequency, controlled high-resolution D / A

    converter. High precision of output waveform, good linearity distortion. Adopting lots of

    advanced technology and precision components materials, and with professional structural

    designed, which make the device small, light, full-functions, easy to carry, boot to use, and

    the flow testing is very convenient.

    6. Powerful software function

    It can complete a variety of large and complex calibration task with highly automatization,

    that can test and scan varies protection value easily, make fault recurrence, real-time

    storing of test data, display vector and online printing reports. 6-phase can test three-phase

    differential protection conveniently.

    7.Separate and special DC power output

    NA553B Series setting 110V and 220V special adjustable DC power output.

    With separate dedicated DC power output NA553B device has a special way adjustable DC 110V and

    220V power supply output.

    8.Complete interface

    The device panel has a built-in keyboard and mouse, can be stand-alone operating, and also

    operating by connected keyboard and mouse, beside there are USB interface and RS232 interface,

    that can connect with computer and other external device.

    9.Perfect self-protection

    Adopting reasonable cooling structure, with a variety of reliable and comprehensive protection

    measure and soft starting power, and some self-diagnostic and interlocking function.

    10.Light & highly integrated stand-alone and unitary structure

    Adopt a large number of well-designed ultra light and high-tech smart structures, which make

    the machine extremely light and small.

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